Woodstock's Express

Have you ever seen a red reflector mounted between the rails of a roller coaster?  (If you look carefully, one is partially visible on the bottom of this picture.)  These are part of a sophisticated system used to measure the g-forces on roller coasters.  During testing, accelerometers are mounted in the car and record both vertical and lateral g's as the train goes through the entire ride.  A light is also mounted underneath the car and records when it passes over a reflector.   This enables engineers to determine where the train is on the course during a data run.

I am surprised that Woodstock's Express, an old coaster and a tame coaster, recently required such accurate testing.  I guess that proves that amusement parks are very careful to make sure that rides don't subject people to unsafe g-forces.

Runaway Reptar (Green Slime Mine Train)

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