As of 2014, there are only nine bobsled roller coasters still operating.  Six bobsleds were built by Germany's Mack Rides.  Five are still in operation: Avalanche, which is seen below, Avalanche at England's Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Schweizer Bobbahn at Germany's Europa Park (pictures coming soon), Schweizer Bobbahn at Germany's Heide Park (pictures coming soon of this one also), and Trace Du Hourra at France's Parc Asterix.  Munich Autobahn at Japan's Kobe Portopialand operated from 1991 until 2006.

Five bobsleds were built by Intamin in the span of just two years.  Three of those are still open: Alpine Bobsled at the Great Escape, Bobbaan at Efteling, and La Vibora at Six Flags Over Texas.   Disaster Transport operated at Cedar Point from 1985 until 2012.  Screamin' Delta Demon ran at Opryland USA from 1984 until 1997.

In October 2013, after eight years of work, Knoebels opened a wooden bobsled coaster, Flying Turns.  Built in-house by the folks at Knoebels, this is the only wooden bobsled still in existance.

The history of the Bob Sled roller coaster type

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