Grizzly is a reproduction of the Wildcat coaster at Cincinnati's Coney Island, a wood coaster that operated in Ohio from 1926 to 1964.  Coney Island, which is not actually on an island, opened way back in 1886.  Over the years, the park has been home to a dozen coasters, but none are left at the park, since the decision was recently made to eliminate all thrill rides and make the park home to only water slides and pools. (Do not confuse this park in Ohio with the more famous Coney Island in New York.)

Unfortunately, Grizzly's first turn, seen on the left in this picture, is incredibly slow and not exciting at all.  The low track in the foreground on the left is part of Hurler.

Grizzly and Hurler coasters. Based on the Coney Island Wildcat roller coaster in Cincinnati.

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