Taxi Jam

There used to be five Paramount Parks, and all five used to have a little coaster called Taxi Jam.  A couple of them have been renamed in the past few years, but this one is still called Taxi Jam.  The others were: Taxi Jam at Canada's Wonderland, Taxi Jam (formerly Hey Arnold's Taxi, presently Lucy's Crabbie Cabbie) at Carowinds, Taxi Jam at California's Great America, and Taxi Jam (formerly Top Cat's Taxi Jam, Little Bill's Giggle Coaster, and Scooby Zoom, presently Great Pumpkin Caoster) at Kings Island.

The Kings Dominion version was built in 1997 by Miler and is eight feet tall and 205 feet long.

Taxi Jam roller coaster

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