Intimidator 305

The coaster begins with a huge drop, the pull from vertical to horizontal, a high-speed 270 turn (shown hugging the ground on the lower right), and the pull up the first hill (track going from lower right to upper left).  This combination of maneuvers subjects riders to a long, sustained positive g-force.  When Intimidator opened, some people reported blacking out during this sequence.  I must admit that when I rode it the first week of its operation, I experienced some of the initial symptoms of G-Force Loss Of Consciousness (G-LOC).  I found myself with tunnel vision and some greyout, a loss of peripheral vision and color vision.  Fortunately, as soon as the g-forces are unloaded while cresting the second hill, I returned to normal.

Intamin AG was forced to tone down the ride to minimize riders experiencing G-LOC.  When the ride opened, they had already slowed the ride's second half thanks to a set of trim brakes going up the hill shown on the lower left of this shot.  You can see the set of stairs situated next to this set of trims.  An additional trim brake was added to the first drop after the ride had been open for six weeks.   During the ride's first off season, the big 270 turn was replaced by new track with a larger turn radius, thereby reducing the g-forces imposed on riders.  This allowed the removal of the trims on the first drop.

Want to black-out on a roller coaster?

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