Flight of Fear

The Outer Limits: Flight of Fear, built by Premier Rides, opened in 1996.  It was the first roller coaster to feature a Linear Induction Motor launch.  This ride and its identical twin at Paramount's Kings Dominion were considered by many to be the most painful and brutal rides on the planet.  When my brother rode Flight of Fear on opening day, he was bruised, and the person next to him was bleeding from the mouth!  My dad's glasses were bent during the ride.

In 2001, both Flight of Fear coasters (they lost the Outer Limits part of their names since the TV show got cancelled) added lapbars to their trains and removed the shoulder restraints. This made the rides much more tolerable since riders' heads were not banging into over-the-shoulder restraints.  Another improvement was the mid-course brake that slowed trains to an almost complete stop.  Doing the second half of the ride at a slower speed made the experience slightly more tolerable.

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