Batman: The Ride

There are two sets of block brakes on this roller coaster.  Each set, which uses pinch brakes to create friction around a plate mounted below the train, is situated before the track drops and reverses direction to move toward the lift hill.  The block brakes are used in case one train gets too close to the preceding train.  The block brakes are placed high enough that a train can be stopped by the pneumatically-operated brakes, then released with enough potential energy to complete the remaining portions of the ride.

The second block brake is located above the walkway shown at the bottom of the picture.  Trains, which move from right to left on this segment of track, first approach the block brakes.  On nearly every ride, these brakes are open and don't slow the trains at all, but if sensors detect that the previous train is still on the next segment of track, the block brakes can bring the train to a complete halt above the walkway.

Once past the block brakes, trains pass the magnetic trim brake system.  These yellow plates, seen to the left of the walkway, will interact with magnets on the train in order to limit the train's speed no matter how fast it is going as it first encounters the fins.

Pneumatic Block Brakes and Magnetic Trim Brakes on a roller coaster

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