Iron Rattler

A 52-year-old woman was killed on July 19, 2013 after slipping out of her restraint on the New Texas Giant, a similar ride with nearly identical trains to this one.  The victim's family sued Six Flags and Gerstlauer, the train's manufacturer.  Their defense was mainly that the woman's size and body type were not compatible with the restraint system.   The New Texas Giant reopened two months later with seatbelts and a test seat at the station's entrance.  In November 2014, an attorney for the victim's family reached an undisclosed settlement with Six Flags and Gerstlauer.

Iron Rattler was closed from July 19 to August 14, 2013.  When it reopened, it too had seatbelts added to its trains.  If you look at the front seat in this picture, you can see the large, black restraint, the small bar above the rider's ankles, and the seatbelt on the outside of the brown seat.

I love the snake and the decorations on the front of the train!

New Texas Giant fatal accident. Roller Coaster train and safety restraint sytems on the Iron Rattler at Six Flags.

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