FireChaser Express

Toward the end of the ride, trains enter Crazy Charlie Cherribaum's "Gasoline and Fireworks Emporium."  Trains are brought to a halt inside the building.  Real fire erupts among the fireworks and gasoline tanks.  Smoke fills the room as a large firecraker labeled "Big Bertha" tips over and points directly at the train.  A voice yells, "Watch out for Big Bertha. She's going to blow!" as sparks erupt from the bottom of the huge firecracker.

At this point, trains are pushed backward out of the building by another tire-propelled launch mechanism.  The train accelerates to about 16 miles an hour in slightly over one second.  The section of track seen below the two red Tydol gas pumps rotates while the train is in the building in order to switch between a straight segment and a curved segment of rails.  This allows the trains to travel backward down a new course that goes between this building and the station.

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©2015 Joel A. Rogers.