Wild Eagle

I am surprised at how many people email me and ask how much my roller coasters cost.  First off, I love coasters, and I enjoy documenting them, but I don't build them myself!  Secondly, there is no easy answer as to what a coaster costs.  A used, portable, kiddie coaster might be a few tens of thousands of dollars.  Most coasters cost over a million bucks.  A custom, record-setting ride may set an amusement park back over $25 million.  Wild Eagle had a $20 million price tag.  In addition, the park has to spend money on site preparation, manpower, marketing, and operational and recurring maintenance costs, so getting a roller coaster is not cheap.  On the positive side, a new ride like Wild Eagle most often produces a measurable increase in attendance.  A newsworthy addition can drive a lot of people to visit the park.

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