New Revolution
Because New Revolution was closed for a few months when I last visited the park, I don't have any shots of it operating with the newly modified trains.   All I can share is this nicely framed Tatsu train.

I must admit that I have my doubts about the success of the new Virtual Reality Coaster fad.  The biggest problem with the system is that it takes a tremendous amount of time to dispatch a trainload of VR headset-wearing passengers.  Each rider must strap the phone holder on their head, buckle a chin strap, and adjust the variety of straps that help keep the phone securely on the rider's head.  Because riders can't view the real world while wearing the VR device, it can only be donned after sitting down in the train's seats.  Once the headsets are on, they must be rechecked by the park's employees, a process that takes even more time.  And even after the ride is over, it takes a while to remove and collect the hardware.  I heard horror stories from guests at a variety of parks that some trains would take 10 or 20 minutes to load and check because of the VR gear.

Another issue is that VR Coasters suffer the same problem as motion simulator rides.  If the g-forces felt by the riders don't perfectly match the visuals, riders' vestibular systems get confused, and nausea results.  Because of this, I would suggest that anyone concerned about motion sickness ride without the VR gear.

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