New Revolution
I am glad that this roller coaster was improved in 2016.  New paint, deleted shoulder harnesses, fresh landscaping, and a modernized station all helped restore some of the ride's former glory.  However, I am old-fashioned and think a big part of the ride is now lost when a phone is placed in front of your face.  To me, a major part of the roller coaster experience is seeing how fast you are going, watching the trees and support beams fly by your head, and looking at the cool visual when the track passes through the vertical loop.  I also think that being able to occasionally glance over at other riders to see their reaction can make a ride even better.  On the other hand, every time I visited a Six Flags in 2016, the VR coaster wasn't operating, so I can't share any firsthand experience as to whether the VR goggles add to or subtract from to the roller coaster experience.

If you got the chance to ride on a Six Flags VR coaster, please send me a note about your experience.  I would love to hear if you think that adding Virtual Reality to existing coasters is a good idea or a bad idea!

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