Twisted Colossus
Colossus consisted of two separate side-by-side tracks and was a traditional two-track racing coaster, but the modifications to create Twisted Colossus actually tied the two tracks together!  The blue track leaves the station, climbs the right side of the lift, and does one complete lap around the course.  At the midway portion of the ride, the blue track dives below the green track (seen just below Scream's tall blue vertical loop) and heads back to the lift hill.  At the base of the lift, the track's paint job color switches to green and climbs up the left side of the first hill.  The train then goes through the entire course again while riding the green rails.  The end of the green track's run is the straight section with white hand-rails seen just to the left of Scream's tall loop.  From there, it leads the trains into the station.

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©2017 Joel A. Rogers.