Thor's Hammer

In addition to some fun roller coasters, Djurs Sommerland has some really uncommon things.   The Familiecykler (Family Bicycles) is a human-powered ride around a lake that was fun, but really tired out my legs from peddling so long.  And then there were also the crazy things that the lawyers in the United States would never let happen such as the Klatrebjerget (no direct English translation).  It is a mountain that challenges people to climb up like a rock-climbing wall, and ends with a slide back down to earth.  There were no climbing harnesses or ropes, just people scrambling up the side of this huge mountain.  I didn't try to climb it myself, but I saw some adults struggle with it, and I watched one fall off the thing!   There were also a couple of Edderkoppenettet (again, no English word) towers that were huge climbing nets shaped almost like the Eiffel Tower.  And if that wasn't enough risk, there were tons of Trampoliner (Trampolines) for jumping on.  During my visit, one member of my group took a bad bounce and dislocated his shoulder.

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