Vliegende Hollander

I wish I could have taken pictures on this ride, but since most of the indoor portion is extremely dark, I am just going to have to describe to to you.

After leaving the loading platform, the boat slowly passes by a large ship being loaded with supplies.  It appears that the big ship is getting ready to sail.  Next, the boat passes into incredibly thick fog.  The fog makes it impossible to see anything, but you can hear ocean sounds and sea gulls.  Soon, thunder and lightning start.  A huge ghost ship appears and looms larger and larger over the boat, thanks to a projection on a waterfall.  

Eventually, the boat full of riders approaches the bow of another big ship, but plunges downward.  I have heard that is to symbolize the descent into the underworld.  After the short drop, the boat is hoisted up the main lift hill and emerges into the outdoors.

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©2014 Joel A. Rogers.