Freedom Flyer

The first seven Suspended Family Coasters had over-the-shoulder restraints.  Those coasters, Flying ACE Aerial Chase (2001), Silver Streak (2001), Escape from Madagascar (2002), Flying Ace Aerial Chase (2003), Swamp Thing (2003), Flying School (formerly Swamp Thing) (2004), and Bat (2005), still operate with shoulder harnesses.  Every Suspended Family Coaster built since 2007 features lap bar restraints.   This picture of Freedom Flyer's train shows that a lap bar's pivot point is behind the headrest, but the silver metal tubes are far enough to the side that riders should not be able to bang their heads into the tubes.  I have ridden all seven copies that have shoulder harnesses, and even though they are somewhat tame family coasters, I still managed to bang my head and ears into the restraints.

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