Wasserbob Video

This technically isn't a roller coaster, but it is so crazy that I have to share it!  The Wasserbob "Nordic Boat" ride is one of the wackiest rides I have ever been on.  First off, there is no ride operator.  Riders seat themselves, lower a lap bar, and pull on a rope to get the ride started.   Someone else waiting to ride has to close the gate and push a button to complete the start-up process.  An electric motor and cable winch the single-seat boat to the top of the ramp.  Gravity then takes over, and the boat drops toward the ground, reaches the launching ramp at the bottom, and literally comes off the track and flies through the air.  As you can see by the video, the splashdown is not gentle!

There is no way that lawyers would allow this type of ride to operate in the United States. Home Schloss Beck Index        Previous roller coaster video

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