Cedar Creek Mine Ride

In the late 1960s, the park decided to develop the heavily-forested area on the northwest corner of the peninsula.  Frontiertown was the park's first themed area, and it opened in 1967.  The Cedar Point and Lake Erie Railroad was the only means of accessing this area as there was no way to walk or drive to Frontiertown.  The Frontier Lift sky ride opened in 1968, and the Cedar Creek Mine Ride premiered on May 24, 1969.  When it opened, the coaster, the Antique Cars, and the sky ride were the only rides in the northwest corner of Cedar Point.  The Frontier Trail opened in 1971 and allowed patrons the chance to walk from the "Million Dollar Midway" to Frontiertown.

Cedar Point currently lists this area as Frontiertown but has often labeled it Frontier Town in the past.

Cedar Point's Frontiertown and Cedar Creek Mine Ride

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