Top Thrill Dragster

This is how the train looked after the Goodyear racing tires, a fake engine, and an aerodynamic spoiler were removed but before the last row of seats was added.  The water bottles are used to add weight in order to simulate a fully loaded train.

This gold train is shown on the transfer track.  The launch track is in the foreground.  It is equipped with about 125 sets of retractable metal fins.  In a "rollback," these fins interact with rare-earth magnets installed under each car.   It is the opposite of other Intamin coasters, such as Millennium Force, where the metal fins are installed on the trains and the magnets are mounted on the track.  In the background, a little of the track is visible.  This track has large metal fins that are rigidly installed above the rails.  They provide the braking force at the end of the ride.  Since trains are entering the final brake run at about 120 miles per hour, it takes a lot of fins to remove the energy of a speeding train.

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