Maverick sits right next to the 15-mile-wide Sandusky Bay.  In the late 1800s and the early 1900s, the only access to Cedar Point was by waterway.  One of Ohio's first concrete roads was built in order to link the park to the mainland, but repeated storms and Lake Erie's surf destroyed the road just a few years later.   A two-lane road leading to the park's entrance was built in 1920, and it is still in operation today, but it is often congested with traffic.  The man-made Cedar Point causeway opened in 1957 and allowed easy access from Sandusky to the park.  Being a shorter path to the park, and having more lanes than the road built in 1920, it is a huge improvement on the old road.

There are several ways to take boats to the park today.  Private boats can still use the CP Marina.  The Jet Express ferry connects the park to downtown Sandusky and the Lake Erie islands.  Taking the boat from Kelleys Island or Put-in-Bay is a real treat and only costs $5 per person, and even less for kids.  There aren't many other amusement parks where guests can arrive by boat!

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