Disaster Transport

Each of the five cars contained five rows of two seats.  When the coaster ran as Avalanche Run, the cars were painted with flags from different countries, much as bobsled cars would be painted at the Olympics.  When the ride operated as Disaster Transport, the cars were loaded and unloaded in different rooms.  Guests boarding the cars saw empty cars arrive in the Launch Area room since the car was unloaded in a different room.  A massive "12 E" was painted outside of Disaster Transport's lift hill.  There was much speculation as to what this meant, but it was simply created by an ITEC designer named Eric.  Enclosing the coaster was the 12th project he designed, so it was a simple way of placing his mark on the ride.

This car was located outside on the transfer track because the transfer track was located outdoors even after the rest of the ride was enclosed.

Bobsled roller coaster at Cedar Point.

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