Magnum XL-200

It is claimed that riders can see Canada from the top of Magnum's lift hill.  To be honest, I don't think I have ever seen it myself.  Perhaps it is because I have been at the top of the lift for only a few brief seconds.  Or, it might be because I tend to be a little nervous and preoccupied when climbing Magnum's first hill!   When Magnum first opened, the park claimed that it was 201 feet tall.  However, this statistic was taken from the ride's blueprints and did not account for the concrete footers that the supports are placed on.  It is officially listed as 205 feet tall when measured from ground level to the track at the top of the first hill.  The first drop takes trains down 194 feet 8 inches.

This picture shows the second of the three tunnels.

Cedar Point's Magnum XL-200

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