Blue Streak

I still list this coaster as one of my favorites, and I am not the only fan.  The Amusement Today publication gives out the Golden Ticket Awards every year, and Blue Streak has been ranked above #50 in their list of Top Wood Roller Coasters every year since 2001.  As recently as 2013, it ranked as the 27th best wood coaster in the entire world!  Pretty amazing considering that there are many other coasters that are newer and/or taller than this one.

So what is the secret to Blue Streak's success?  The second hill is a big clue.  Compared to the first drop, the second hill is very short.  That allows trains to pass over the hill very quickly, and that fast hop over that hill provides a great amount of airtime.  I guarantee that your butt will lift off of the seat as you pass over these short hills!  The effect is even more pronounced in the front and the back seats of the train.

Winner of the Best Wood Coaster Golden Ticket Award

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