Blue Streak

The coaster currently operates with two trains composed of 3-bench cars.  Each train has 24 seats.  One row of seats used to have a single bar over both seats that locked into just one position.  In the early 2000s, the old "buzz bar" restraints were removed and every seat received its own ratcheting lap bar.  While the new restraints are probably a little safer than the old ones, I miss the original setup.  The old "buzz bars" often left a large gap between my legs and the bars.  This allowed me to really fly out of my seat as the train crested the hills.  The modern restraints fit much more snugly.

Some of the other modifications are more visible in this shot.  The black headrests were added about 15 years ago.  A few years later, new seat belts were also placed on the cars.  Because there wasn't much room to spare inside the cars, the seat belt tensioner and storage reels were mounted outside each seat.   Those black canisters are easily seen adjacent to each row in this picture.

Roller coaster maintenance and paint job.

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