When it opened, riders entered both sides of this station, but now the front of the building is an exit and the opposite side from here is the sole entrance.  Parallel tracks pass through the station allowing two trains to load and unload simultaneously.  Thanks to Gemini's capability to run six trains at once, it has a massive hourly capacity.  Even with its modern configuration of just four trains on the tracks, it often ranks near the top of the list of most popular rides at the park.  It gave 75 million rides in its first 25 years of operation!  By 2008, 84 million riders had enjoyed Gemini.  During the 2014 season, it registered 1,298,304 riders which gave it the rank as the fifth highest ridership of all of the rides in the entire park.  For comparison, Wicked Twister, which is nearly two and a half decades newer but only has a single train, logged less than 800,000 riders that year.

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