Magnum XL-200

The massive building seen in the middle of this picture is the famous Hotel Breakers.  It first opened in 1905 with 600 rooms, but it has expanded many times during the last 100 years.  By 1926, it had nearly 900 rooms.  Breakers East added another 200 rooms in 1995, and the Breakers Tower brought another 230 rooms and suites in 1999.  A two-year renovation occurred in 2013 and 2014 and was the most expensive project ever at Cedar Point.

Even if you don't stay in the Hotel Breakers, it's worth visiting its historic lobby and rotunda.  There are also a few shops and restaurants.  But, if you do get a room in the Breakers, you will be granted early entry into the park as well as complimentary parking.  With the beautiful beach on one side and the fantastic collection of roller coasters on the other side, it is a fantastic place to stay!

The historic Hotel Breakers at Cedar Point

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