Millennium Force

It is impressive that seven of the Top Ten Tallest Roller Coasters were built by Intamin.  Even more impressive is the fact that these massive coasters encompass a variety of models and designs.  For example, Millennium Force is one of just two "Giga Coasters" with Intimidator 305 being the other.  Both of these are still on the Top 10 List.  Superman: Escape from Krypton and Tower of Terror II are the only two "Reverse Freefall Coasters" that the company built, yet these two launched shuttle-coasters still hold the records for 3rd and 4th tallest coasters.   The other three rides still in the Top 10 List, Kindga Ka, Top Thrill Dragster, and Red Force at Spain's Ferrari Land, all are very similar, but the first two use hydraulics to launch trains while Red Force uses electricity and Linear Induction Motors to launch trains.

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