Wicked Twister

Here is a view of Wicked Twister as seen from the Cedar Point Beach.  You can also see GateKeeper, the Giant Wheel, and WindSeeker.  On the right border, a little bit of the Extreme Sports Stadium is visible.   This building opened in 1980 as the 1,600-seat Oceania theater and hosted a dolphin show until the 1990s.   Located next to the Aquarium and a penguin exhibit, the dolphin shows were aimed to compete with the nearby Sea World Ohio in Aurora.  The arena was later renamed the Cedar Point Aquatic Stadium and had a diving show until 2006.  It reopened in 2008 as the Extreme Sports Stadium and hosted the "All Wheels Extreme" show for several years.  The stadium was demolished in 2018, but the park has not announced what will replace it.

Cedar Point - Wicked Twister, Windseeker, Oceana, Extreme Sports Stadium

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