This roller coaster was Déjà Vu at Six Flags Magic Mountain from August 2001 until October 2011.  While it was there, it was often plagued by technical problems.  When I personally visited the park, the ride was not just closed, the train wasn't on the track and the entire roller coaster was walled up.  It obviously was planned to be closed for a long time.  So when it was relocated and I had the opportunity to visit Six Flags New England, I was looking forward to finally having the chance to ride a Giant Inverted Boomerang at a Six Flags amusement park.   Sadly, I was denied yet again.  Even though I took this picture on a weekend in the middle of the summer, there wasn't a train anywhere near the ride.  Taking a train off of this ride takes a tremendous amount of effort and involves disassembling the train as well as taking out a piece of the track.  You can even see the part of the rails that was removed to facilitate removal of all eight cars.

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