Wicked Cyclone

Six Flags tends to have a lot of advertising in their parks.  Many of the big rides are "Presented by" a company just like Friendly's has their name on Wicked Cyclone.  Some coasters, like this Boomerang, this Bobsled, and this looping coaster, have ads painted all over the cars!  Booths are set up around the park offering credit cards, vacation property rentals, and giveaways.   (I am always leery of these prizes since I have to give away my personal information to enter the drawing.)  And at nearly every restaurant and shop, there were signs offering a "Cashback Bonus" if a certain type of credit card was used.  I understand that Six Flags, Inc. is a publicly traded company and needs to show a profit, and that new rides are expensive, but the amount of ads I am subjected to tends to get on my nerves.

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