Wicked Cyclone

The second inversion is placed almost directly over the third inversion, but you will never see trains in both rolls at one time.  There are no block brakes on the main portion of the course, so only one train can be speeding through the ride at one time.  Trains can be held on the brake run before the station or in the station loading/unloading position.  That provides two blocks for spacing.  The lift hill and the rest of the coaster is considered the third block.  This provides room for two trains: one stopped in a brake run and one on the course.  If a train gets sent out of the station while the other train gets stuck in the first set of brakes leading up to the station, the lift will stop and the train will be prevented from going through the course.  Only after the first set of brakes is clear will the train on the lift be allowed to go through all of the hills and inversions on the ride.

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