Crazy Mouse

When I visited Dreamland, there were a couple of shows to choose from.  Nearly hidden behind the Helter Skelter slide is the tank for the high-dive show.  You can see a bunch of people watching the divers!  To the left is part of the big red tent that housed the Chaplin's Circus show in 2015.

Dreamland has a lot of scheduled events for the future, and they have the capability to host a wide variety of movies, shows, conferences, dances, and more.  The Hall by the Sea is a listed historic building that can handle a stage and over 1,500 people.   The 1933 Ballroom would be perfect for weddings, dinners, and parties.  The Dreamland Roller Room has a 300-square-metre roller rink.   And if those spaces aren't enough, the actual amusement park has room for a large outdoor event.

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