LaQua Amusement Park
(known as Korakuen Park until 2003)
Tokyo, Japan

     Downtown Tokyo has its own amusement park located adjacent to the Tokyo Dome, a large baseball stadium. LaQua (pronounced "La-CUE-ah") is small but contains many unique attractions.  A 260-foot tall coaster named Thunder Dolphin from Intamin opened in 2003.  Its track passes over a large office building and through the center of the world's first hubless, spokeless Ferris Wheel.  The wheel was also built by Intamin.  The wheel and track for the "Q" in the LaQua logo.

     Three coasters have left the park:

Click to enlarge LaQua pictures  Geopanic roller coaster
Linear Gale
Linear Gale roller coaster  Linear Gale inpulse coaster built by Intamin  Click to enlarge

Spinning Coaster Maihime
Spinning Coaster Maihime  LaQua (Korakuen) Amusement Park

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