Roller Coaster Manufacturers


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SBNO = Standing But Not Operating        FN = Former Name
M = Moved to another park        R = Removed from park
* = Information only, no pictures

Arrow Dynamics (Formerly: Arrow, Arrow Development, and Arrow-Huss) (top)
Arrow was founded by Karl Bacon, Edgar Morgan, and Walter Schulze in 1946 as a machine shop in Mountain View, California.  Walt Disney had Arrow assist in manufacturing some of rides for the new Disneyland in the 1960s.  From 1966 to the 1990s, Ron Toomer helped create many steel coasters from Mine Rides to the world's first hyper-coaster.  The Clearfield, Utah company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in December 2001.  S&S Sports bought the assets of the company in October 2002.

Adventure Express - Kings Island
Alpine Bobsled - Great Escape
Anaconda - Kings Dominion
Bat* (R) - Kings Island
Big Bad Wolf (R) - Busch Gardens Europe
Black Widow* (M) - Six Flags New England
Canyon Blaster - Great Escape
Carolina Cyclone - Carowinds
Carolina Goldrusher - Carowinds
Cedar Creek Mine Ride - Cedar Point
Corkscrew - Cedar Point
Corkscrew* (M) - Knott's Berry Farm
Corkscrew - Michigan's Adventure
Corkscrew - Nagashima Spaland
Corkscrew* (R) - Geauga Lake
Corkscrew (FN) - Sea World
Corkscrew - Silverwood
Corkscrew - Valleyfair!
Demon - California's Great America
Demon - Six Flags Great America
Dexter Frebish Electric Roller Ride* (FN & R) - Six Flags AstroWorld
Dahlonega Mine Train - Six Flags Over Georgia
Double Loop (SBNO) - Geauga Lake
Drachen Fire (R) - Busch Gardens Europe
Dragon Fire - Canada's Wonderland
Dragon Fyre (FN) - Canada's Wonderland
Excalibur* (R) - Six Flags AstroWorld
Excalibur - Valleyfair!

EXT* (FN & M) - Worlds of Fun
Extremeroller* (M) - Worlds of Fun
Flight Deck - Kings Island
Gemini - Cedar Point
Gold Rusher - Six Flags Magic Mountain
Great American Scream Machine - Six Flags Great Adventure
Iron Dragon - Cedar Point
Led Zeppelin - The Ride (FN) - Freestyle Music Park
Lightning Loops* (M) - Six Flags Great Adventure
Loch Ness Monster - Busch Gardens Europe
Mad Mouse - Michigan's Adventure
Mad Mouse (SBNO) -NASCAR SpeedPark
Mad Mouse - Valleyfair!
Magnum XL-200 - Cedar Point
Marche du Mille-pattes - La Ronde
Matterhorn Bobsleds - Disneyland
Mine Train - Six Flags Over Texas
Mini-Mine Train* (R) - Six Flags Over Georgia
Mini Mine Train - Six Flags Over Texas
Ninja - Six Flags Magic Mountain
Orient Express (R) - Worlds of Fun
Psycho Mouse* - California's Great America
Python - Busch Gardens Africa
Python* (R) - Six Flags America
Rail Blazer (FN) - Six Flags St. Louis
River King Mine Train - Six Flags St. Louis
Road Runner Express - Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Run-A-Way Mine Train (FN) - Six Flags Over Texas
Runaway Train - Six Flags Great Adventure
Screamin' Demon* (M) - Kings Island
Sea Viper - Sea World
Serpent (R) - Six Flags AstroWorld
Shockwave - Six Flags Great America
Sidewinder - Elitch Gardens
Steamin' Demon - Great Escape
Steel Phantom (FN) - Kennywood Park
Tennessee Tornado - Dollywood
Thunderation - Silver Dollar City
Thunderbolt Express (R) - Camden Park
Thunder Express* (M) - Dollywood
Time Machine - Freestyle Music Park
Top Gun (FN) - Kings Island
Trailblazer - Hersheypark
Turn of the Century (FN) - California's Great America
Turn of the Century (FN) - Six Flags Great America
Viper - Darien Lake
Viper - Six Flags Magic Mountain
Vortex - Canada's Wonderland
Vortex - Kings Island
Wacky Soap Box Racers* (R) - Knott's Berry Farm
Wild Thing - Wild Waves
X (FN) - Six Flags Magic Mountain
- Six Flags Magic Mountain
XLR-8 - Six Flags AstroWorld
Yahoola Hooler* (FN & R) - Six Flags Over Georgia

Bitler, Oscar (top)
Oscar Bitler built three coasters. Only one remains in operation today.
Cyclone (SBNO) - Williams Grove
Zipper (FN & SBNO) - Williams Grove

Bolliger & Mabillard (top)
Walter Bolliger and Claude Mabillard worked for Intamin until the late 1980s, but left to form their own engineering company in 1988.  Their premier coaster opened in 1990.  Because their coasters are known for their smoothness and quality, over 70 B&M coasters have been built.  Their steel track is manufactured in Ohio, but B&M is based in Monthey, Switzerland.
Afterburn - Carowinds
Alpengeist - Busch Gardens Europe
Apollo's Chariot - Busch Gardens Europe
Banshee (FN) - Cedar Point
Batman-The Dark Knight - Six Flags New England
Batman The Ride - Six Flags Great Adventure
Batman The Ride - Six Flags Great America
Batman The Ride - Six Flags Magic Mountain
Batman The Ride - Six Flags Over Georgia
Batman The Ride - Six Flags Over Texas
Batman The Ride - Six Flags St. Louis
Batman Knight Flight (FN & M) - Geauga Lake
Behemoth - Canada's Wonderland
Bizarro - Six Flags Great Adventure
Canyon Blaster - Adventuredome
Chang - Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom
Diamondback - Kings Island
Dominator (M) - Geauga Lake
Dominator - Kings Dominion
Dueling Dragons - Islands of Adventure
Flight Deck - California's Great America
Georgia Scorcher - Six Flags Over Georgia
Goliath - La Ronde
Goliath* - Six Flags Over Georgia
Great Bear - Hersheypark
Great White - SeaWorld San Antonio
Griffon - Busch Gardens Europe
Hydra: The Revenge* - Dorney Park
Iron Wolf - Six Flags Great America
Incredible Hulk - Islands of Adventure
Intimidator - Carowinds
Kraken - SeaWorld Orlando
Kumba - Busch Gardens Africa
Manta - SeaWorld Orlando
Mantis - Cedar Point
Medusa (FN) - Six Flags Great Adventure
Medusa - Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Montu - Busch Gardens Africa
Nitro - Six Flags Great Adventure
Raging Bull - Six Flags Great America
Raptor - Cedar Point
Riddler's Revenge - Six Flags Magic Mountain
Scream! - Six Flags Magic Mountain
SheiKra - Busch Gardens Africa
Silver Bullet - Knott's Berry Farm
Superman Krypton Coaster - Six Flags Fiesta Texas
Superman - Ultimate Flight - Six Flags Great Adventure
Superman - Ultimate Flight - Six Flags Great America
Superman - Ultimate Flight - Six Flags Over Georgia
Talon - Dorney Park
Tatsu - Six Flags Magic Mountain
Top Gun - The Jet Coaster (FN) - Carowinds
Top Gun (FN) - California's Great America
Vampire - La Ronde
Vortex - Carowinds
Vortex - California's Great America
Wildfire - Silver Dollar City

Bradley and Kaye (top)
This company was co-founded by David Bradley.  They made a very limited number of kiddie coasters, but are mostly known for their carousel animal creations.
ACME Gravity-Powered Roller Ride (FN & R) - Six Flags St. Louis
Clown Coaster (FN) - Six Flags Magic Mountain
Goliath Jr. (FN) - Six Flags Magic Mountain
Gulf Coaster* (R) - California's Great America
Percy's Railway - Six Flags Magic Mountain
Rockin' Roller (R) - Six Flags St. Louis
Timberline Twister - Knott's Berry Farm
Rock Candy Express (FN & R) - Six Flags St. Louis
Wile E. Coyote Coaster (FN) - Six Flags Magic Mountain

Caripro Rides (top)
Dutch-based Caripro was sold to Vekoma in February 2002. They went out of business when Vekoma reorganized under bankruptcy.
Scooby's Ghoster Coaster (R) - Kings Island
Spellbreaker* (R) - LEGOLAND California
Chance Rides (top)
Based in Wichita, Kansas, they are the largest manufacturer of amusement rides in the United States.   In 2001, they were acquired by Morgan Manufacturing.  The new subsidiary, Chance-Morgan Coasters Inc. operates out of La Selva Beach, California, but they produce the coasters in their Wichita facility.
Big Dipper - Michigan's Adventure
Joust - Dutch Wonderland
Gold Rush - Wild Adventures
Swamp Buggy Ride* (R) - Six Flags AstroWorld
Swiss Toboggan (FN) - Little A-Merrick-A
Toboggan (SBNO) - Conneaut Lake
Toboggan - Lakemont Park
Toboggan (FN) - Little A-Merrick-A
Toboggan - Trimper's Rides
Wild N' Wolly Toboggan - Little A-Merrick-A
Wile E. Coyote's Grand Canyon Blaster - Six Flags Over Texas
Coaster Works!
This company from Antioch, Tennessee built a couple of wood coasters before going out a business.
Dania Beach Hurricane - Boomers!
Intimidator (FN & M) - Race World
Thunder Eagle (M) - Race World
Church, Frederick
Fred Church built about 10 coasters in the decade before his death in 1936.  About half of his coasters were designed with the help of Thomas Prior.  Prior and Church coasters were known for their many twists and turns.  Sadly, only three of Church's coasters remain open today.  Prior & Church also developed the racing carousel known as the Derby Racer.
Aero- Coaster* (FN & R) - Playland Park
Airplane Coaster* (R) - Playland Park
Airplane Dips* (FN & R) - Playland Park
Dragon Coaster - Playland Park
Giant Dipper - Belmont Park
Giant Dipper - Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
Cobb & Associates
Bill Cobb worked for the Great Southwest Corporation, a company which started designing shopping malls but moved into designing some amusement parks. He later worked with Don Rosser to produce many wood coasters. He passed away in 1990.
Cyclone - Six Flags New England
Monstre - La Ronde
Riverside Cyclone (FN) - Six Flags New England
Texas Cyclone - Six Flags AstroWorld
Tornado - Adventureland
Custom Coasters International
Based in West Chester, OH, CCI was founded in 1991 by Denise Dinn Larrick (daughter of coaster designer Charles Dinn) and Randy Larrick. Their main designers are Larry Bill, Chad Miller, Korey Kiepert, and Michael Graham. In recent years, they have produced more wooden coasters than any other company.  Sadly, the company closed in July 2002.  Denise has moved on to start a wooden coaster division of S&S Sports, while the other four recently formed The Gravity Group, LLC. 
Boss - Six Flags St. Louis
Boulder Dash - Lake Compounce
Cannonball Run - Waterville USA
Cheetah - Wild Adventures
Cornball Express - Indiana Beach
Cyclops - Mt. Olympus
Ghostrider - Knott's Berry Farm
Great White - Morey's Piers
Grizzly (FN) - Silverwood Theme Park
Hoosier Hurricane - Indiana Beach
Sky Princess - Dutch Wonderland
- Holiday World
Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain - Indiana Beach
New Mexico Rattler - Cliff's Amusement Park
Outlaw - Adventureland
Pegasus - Mt. Olympus
Rampage - Alabama Adventure
Raven - Holiday World
Shivering Timbers - Michigan's Adventure
Timber Terror - Silverwood Theme Park
Tremors - Silverwood Theme Park
Twisted Sisters (FN) - Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom
Twisted Twins - Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom
Villain (SBNO) - Geauga Lake
Underground - Adventureland
Zach's Zoomer - Michigan's Adventure
Zeus - Mt. Olympus

Dinn & Summers (top)
Charlie Dinn worked with Curtis D. Summers (1929-1992) on about a dozen coasters in the 1980s and early 1990s.
Georgia Cyclone - Six Flags Over Georgia
Hercules (R) - Dorney Park
Mean Streak - Cedar Point
Predator - Darien Lake
Psyclone - Six Flags Magic Mountain
Raging Wolf Bobs (SBNO) - Geauga Lake
Texas Giant - Six Flags Over Texas
Timber Wolf - Worlds of Fun
Thunder Run - Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom
Wolverine Wildcat - Michigan's Adventure

Drambour, Joseph (top)
Thunderbolt - Six Flags New England

Gerstlauer Elektro GmbH (top)
Gerstlauer was founded in 1981 by Hurbert Gerstlauer.  This German company has designed and built big wheels, several wood coaster trains, and a little over a half dozen coasters.
Coastersaurus - LEGOLAND California
Galaxy Orbiter - Galaxyland Amusement Park
Mr. Six's Pandemonium* (FN) - Six Flags New England
Pandemonium* (FN) - Six Flags New England
Spinning Dragons - Worlds of Fun
Timberland Twister - Camp Snoopy
Tony Hawk's Big Spin - Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Tony Hawk's Big Spin* - Six Flags Fiesta Texas
Tony Hawk's Big Spin* - Six Flags Over Texas
Tony Hawk's Big Spin* - Six Flags St. Louis

Giovanola S.A. (top)
Like B&M, Giovanola is from Monthey, Switzerland, but unlike B&M, they fabricate their equipment in Switzerland.  For nearly 30 years, they built rides as a subcontractor.  After building just three coasters, the rides division went bankrupt in April 2001.  For 2003, the parent company started G-Tech Rides to try to get back in the coaster business.
Goliath - Six Flags Magic Mountain
- Six Flags Over Texas
Gravity Group, LLC (top)
Founded in 2002, this Cincinnati, Ohio company took most of the talent and expertise when Custom Coasters Incorporated disbanded.  Lawrence Bill, Chad Miller, Korey Kiepert, and Michael Grahm worked on over 40 coasters before forming The Gravity Group.   After consulting on a few coasters, they began building their first new coaster in 2004.
Hades - Mt. Olympus
Ravine Flyer II - Waldameer
Voyage - Holiday World
Great Coasters International (top)
GCI was formed by Clair Hain and Michael Boodley in 1994. Their twisted designs are possible due to modern articulated trains.
Gwazi - Busch Gardens Africa
Evel Knievel* - Six Flags St. Louis
Lightning Racer - Hersheypark
Ozark Wildcat (R) - Celebration City
Prowler* - Worlds of Fun
Renegade - Valleyfair!
Roar - Six Flags America
Roar - Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Terminator: The Coaster* - Six Flags Magic Mountain
Thunderhead - Dollywood
Wildcat - Hersheypark

Herschell, Alan (top)
Herschell made mostly children's coasters.
ACME Gravity-Powered Roller Ride - Six Flags St. Louis
Cactus Coaster - Elitch Gardens
Cucaracha* (R) - Six Flags Over Texas
Great Chase (FN) - Elitch Gardens
Kiddie Coaster* (R) - Six Flags Great Adventure
Little Dipper - Conneaut Lake
Little Dipper* (R) - DelGrosso's Amusement Park
Lil Dipper (FN) - Little A-Merrick-A
Lil' Thunder* (R) - Six Flags Great Adventure
Little-D* (FN&R) - Race World
Little Dipper* (R) - Indiana Beach
Little Dipper - Little A-Merrick-A
Little Laser (FN) - Dorney Park
Little Rickies Little Twister* (M) - Six Flags New England
Mad Mouse (R) - Cliff's Amusement Park
Mad Mouse (R) - Lakemont Park
Mad Mouse - Little A-Merrick-A
Mild Thing - Valleyfair!
Miller's Gold Mine* (M) - Jolly Roger Amusement Park
Monster Coaster* (R) - Playland Park
Motor World Express - Motor World
Rock Candy Express (FN) - Six Flags St. Louis
Roller Coaster - Magic Forest
Roller Coaster - Hoffman's Playland
Sidewinder* (FN & R) - Six Flags Over Texas
Steel First - Dorney Park
Tombstone Tumbler (FN) - Elitch Gardens
Wild Chimpmunk - Lakeside Amusement Park
Wild Kitten (FN) - Elitch Gardens

O.D. Hopkins Associates (top)
Known mostly for their log flumes, Hopkins has also created a small number of coasters.  In May of 2001, Reverchon Industries purchased Hopkins' assets.  In September 2001, the US manufacturing plant closed due to lack of orders.
Desert Storm - Castles-n-Coasters
Dragon - Adventureland
Patriot - Castles-n-Coasters

International Amusement Devices Co. (top)
Aurel Vaszin's National Amusement Devices later became IAD.
Colossus - Six Flags Magic Mountain
High Roller - Valleyfair!

Intamin AG (top)
Intamin has made some amazing coasters in the last several decades. Based in Wollerau, Switzerland, they also make many other amusement park rides.

American Eagle - Six Flags Great America
Avalanche Run (FN) - Cedar Point
Batman: The Escape - Six Flags AstroWorld
Bizarro - Six Flags New England
Blue Streak (FN) - California's Great America
California Screamin' - Disney's California Adventures
Cobra - La Ronde
Disaster Transport - Cedar Point
Dragon - La Ronde
El Toro - Six Flags Great Adventure
Fahrenheit* - Hersheypark
Flashback - Six Flags Magic Mountain
Green Slime Mine Car (FN) - California's Great America
Halfpipe - Elitch Gardens
Linear Gale - Korakuen Amusement Park
Jet Rescue - Sea World
Junior Gemini - Cedar Point

Kingda Ka - Six Flags Great Adventure
La Vibora - Six Flags Over Texas
Maverick - Cedar Point
Millennium Force - Cedar Point
Possessed* - Dorney Park
Ride of Steel - Darien Lake
Rolling Thunder* (M) - Six Flags Great America
Runaway Reptar - California's Great America
Sarajevo Bobsled* (M) - Six Flags Great Adventure
Sarajevo Bobsleds* (M) - Six Flags Magic Mountain
Shockwave* (M) - Six Flags Great Adventure
Shockwave* (M) - Six Flags Magic Mountain
Skull Mountain - Six Flags Great Adventure
Steel Venom (R) - Geauga Lake
Steel Venom - Valleyfair!
Storm Runner* - Hersheypark

Superman Escape - Warner Bros. Movie World
Superman: Ride of Steel - Six Flags America
Superman: Ride of Steel (FN) - Darien Lake
Superman: Ride of Steel (FN) - Six Flags New England
Superman The Escape - Six Flags Magic Mountain
Superman: Ultimate Escape (FN & R) - Geauga Lake
Thunder Dolphin* - Korakuen Amusement Park
Top Thrill Dragster - Cedar Point
Vertical Velocity - Six Flags Great America
Vertical Velocity - Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Volcano: The Blast Coaster - Kings Dominion
Voodoo* (FN) - Dorney Park
White Cyclone - Nagashima Spaland
Wicked Twister - Cedar Point
Xcelerator - Knott's Berry Farm
Z-Force* (M) - Six Flags Great America
Z-Force (M) - Six Flags Over Georgia

International Coaster Corporation (top)
After building a couple coasters for Paramount Parks, not much has been heard from ICC.
Hurler - Carowinds
Hurler - Kings Dominion

Interpark (top)
This company from Spilamberto Italy has built about a dozen coasters since 1990.
Looping Coaster - Funtown Pier
Wild Wind* (R) - Motor World
Wild Wind* (M) - Playland Amusement Park
Keenan, Vernon
Vernon Keenan designed a little over a half-dozen coasters, but Cyclone is the only one still in operation.
Cyclone - Astroland (Coney Island)

Kings Entertainment Company (top)
This is the 'in-house' group from Paramount Parks that has built a few coasters.
Thunder Road - Carowinds
Beast - Kings Island
Grizzly - California's Great America
Knoebels - Leonard Adams (top)
Using plans from the original Elitch Gardens coaster, Knoebels built a version of their own.
Twister - Knoebels

L&T Systems (top)
Standing for Leisure and Transportation, this Italian company recently started building coasters.
Hot Tamale - Casino Pier
Pedro's Mouse (SBNO) - Pedroland Park

Runaway Train - Gillian's Wonderland Pier
Wild Lightnin' - Lake Winnepesaukah
Wild Mouse - Casino Pier
Heinrich Mack GmbH & Co. (top)
Mack, a German company, started when Paul Mack built carriages and wagons for local farmers in 1780.  The company began building amusement rides in the 1920s.  Mack built the first modern Wild Mouse coaster.  In 1975, Mack opened Europa Park in Germany to showcase the different rides they offer.
Avalanche - Kings Dominion
Chetah Chase - Busch Gardens Africa
Fly - Canada's Wonderland
Izzy (FN & M) - Busch Gardens Europe
Journey to Attantis - SeaWorld Orlando
Little Eagle (SBNO) -NASCAR SpeedPark
Love Bugs* (FN & R) - Casino Pier
Luv Bugs* (FN & R) - Casino Pier
Mulholland Madness - Disney's California Adventure
Ricochet - Carowinds
Journey to Atlantis - SeaWorld San Diego
Ricochet* - Kings Dominion
Sierra Sidewinder - Knott's Berry Farm
Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster - Warner Bros. Movie World
Technic Coaster - LEGOLAND California
Wild Maus (M) - Busch Gardens Europe
Wild Mouse - Hersheypark
Wild Mouse - Nagashima Spaland
Wizard's Cavern* (R) - Casino Pier

Maurer-Söhne  (top)
This Munich, Germany group makes steel bridges, structural protection systems, and several different types of steel coasters.
Bug Out - Wild Adventures
Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rocket - Universal Studios Florida
Road Runner Express - Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom
Spinning Coaster Maihime - Korakuen Amusement Park
Steel Dragon - Waldameer
Wild Mouse - Dorney Park
Wild Mouse* (M) - Jolly Roger Amusement Park
Meisho (top)
This company has built a small number of coasters, mostly in Asia.
Double Loop (R) - Fuji-Q Highlands
Moonsault Scramble * (R) - Fuji-Q Highlands

Miler Coaster Company (top)
Carl Miler started the company in the 1940s, and his son Fred Miler now operates the company. They mostly make small coasters.

Hey Arnold's Taxi Chase (FN) - Carowinds
Little Bill's Giggle Coaster (FN) - Kings Island
Coaster - Lakeside Amusement Park
Canyon Blaster - Six Flags Magic Mountain
Dive to Atlantis (R) - Mt. Olympus
Freeway Coaster - Adventure City
Funtown Family Coaster - Funtown Pier
Great Chase - Six Flags New England
Great Pumpkin Coaster - Kings Island
Jack Rabbit (M) - Celebration City
Kiddie Coaster - Como Park
Little Coaster - Arnolds Park

Little Dipper Coaster - Scandia Amusement Park
Little Screamer (FN) - Scandia Amusement Park

Little Titans - Mt. Olympus
Lucy's Crabbie Cabbie - Carowinds
Marvel Mania - Alabama Adventure
Mighty Mouse - Funtown Pier
Mighty Mouse - Playland's Castaway Cove
Python Pit - Go Karts Plus
Python Pit - Jeepers Albany
Ravine Flyer 3 - Waldameer
Rolling Thunder (FN) - Six Flags New England
Runaway Ore Cart Silver Dollar City
Scandia Screamer - Scandia Amusement Park

Scooby Zoom (FN) - Kings Island
Sea Serpent - Deno's Wonder Wheel (Coney Island)
Sea Serpent - Playland's Castaway Cove
Sea Serpent - Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
Sea Serpent - That Fun Place
Star Jet - Casino Pier
Taxi Jam - Canada's Wonderland
Taxi Jam (FN) - Carowinds
Taxi Jam - California's Great America
Taxi Jam - Kings Dominion
Taxi Jam (FN) - Kings Island
Tree Top Racers - Adventure City

Miller, John (top)
Miller (1872-1941) worked on over 100 coasters including several for PTC. He designed many safety features which are still used today.
Big Dipper (SBNO) - Geauga Lake
Clipper (FN & SBNO) - Geauga Lake
Giant Coaster* (FN) - Arnolds Park
Jack Rabbit (M) - Kennywood Park
Legend - Arnolds Park
Pippin - Kennywood Park
Wild One - Six Flags America

Molina & Sons (top)
Manuel "Molina" Diaz started by building replacement parts for Schiff coasters, then later built a few complete rides.  The "Moli-Coaster" company was based in Miami, Florida.
Cannonball* (R) - Six Flags America
Coasters* (R) - Silverwood Theme Park
Lil' Phantom - Kennywood Park
Kiddie Coaster - Lake Compounce
Kiddie Coaster - Williams Grove

D. H. Morgan Manufacturing (top)
Dana Morgan's LaSelva Beach, CA company started building coasters in 1996. Chance Industries purchased it in June 2001 and created Chance-Morgan Coasters, Inc.  Any new coasters will be manufactured at Chance's Wichita, Kansas facility.
Mamba - Worlds of Fun
Phantom's Revenge - Kennywood
Santa Monica West Coaster - Pacific Park
Steel Dragon 2000 - Nagashima Spaland
Steel Eel - SeaWorld San Antonio
Steel Force - Dorney Park
Wild Thing - Valleyfair!

Moris, E. Joy (top)
Leap the Dips - Lakemont Park
National Amusement Devices (top)
NAD (later became International Amusement Devices) made mostly children's coasters in the 1940s.
Big Dipper - Camden Park
Blue Streak - Conneaut Lake
Little Dipper - Camden Park

Overland Amusement Company (top)
High Speed Thrill Ride (R) - Knoebels
Phare, Carl. (top)
Of the two or three coasters Carl Phare designed, Playland's is the only one still in existence.
Coaster - PNE Playland
Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters, Inc. (Formerly Philadelphia Toboggan Company) (top)
PTC is the oldest existing manufacturer of wood coasters and their trains. Formed in 1904, it is based in Hatfield, PA. Almost 150 coasters were built by PTC, many designed by the legendary John Allen. Currently, over 85 percent of wood coasters use PTC cars. In 1991, their name was changed to Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters, Inc.
Beastie (FN) - Kings Island
Blue Streak - Cedar Point
Cannon Ball - Lake Winnepesaukah
Coaster (FN) - Dorney Park
Comet - Great Escape
Comet - Hersheypark
Comet - Waldameer
Fairly Odd Coaster (FN) - Carowinds
Fairly Odd Coaster (FN) - Kings Island
Flyer* (R) - Dinosaur Beach
Great American Scream Machine - Six Flags Over Georgia
Golden Nugget Mine - Dinosaur Beach
Jack Rabbit (SBNO) - Clementon Amusement Park
Little Dipper - Kiddieland
Jet Flyer (FN) - Wyandot Lake
Meteor* - Little A-Merrick-A
Mighty Canadian Minebuster - Canada's Wonderland
Phoenix - Knoebels
Racer - Kennywood Park
Racer - Kings Island
Rollo Coaster - Idlewild Park
Rebel Yell - Kings Dominion
Scooby Doo (FN) - Carowinds
Scooby Doo (FN) - Kings Island
Scooby Doo's Ghoster Coaster (FN) - Carowinds
Scooby Doo's Ghoster Coaster Kings Dominion
Scooby's Gasping Ghoster Coaster - Canada's Wonderland
Screamin' Eagle - Six Flags St. Louis
Sea Dragon - Wyandot Lake
Skyliner - Lakemont Park
Starliner (SBNO)- Cypress Gardens
Speedy Gonzalez - Family Kingdom
Thunderhawk - Dorney Park
Twister* (R) - Lakemont Park
Whirlwind* (R) - Dinosaur Beach
Wildcat - Lake Compounce
Woodstock Express - Carowinds
Woodstock Express - Kings Island

Pierce & Associates, John F. (top)
Twister II - Elitch Gardens
Fratelli Pinfari S.r.l. (top)
Located in Montova, Italy, Pinfari produces several models of steel coasters, many of which are portable.
Big Apple - Astroland (Coney Island)
Cyclone* (R) - Geauga Lake
Firecracker* (R) - Jolly Roger Amusement Park
Looping Star - Jolly Roger at the Pier
Python - Playland's Castaway Cove
RC-48 - Morey's Piers
Rollies Coaster - Morey's Piers
Wacky Worm - Lake Winnepesaukah
Wacky Worm - Worlds of Fun
Zyklon (R) - Branson USA
Zyklon (R) - Delgrosso's Park
Zyklon* (R) - Jolly Roger at the Pier
Zyklon* (R) - Playland Park
Premier Rides (top)
Premier Rides of Millersville, Maryland has created several coasters with Linear Induction Motors (LIM) as well as the first Liquid Coaster.
Back Lot Stunt Coaster - Canada's Wonderland
Back Lot Stunt Coaster - Kings Dominion
Back Lot Stunt Coaster - Kings Island
Batman and Robin: The Chiller - Six Flags Great Adventure
BuzzSaw Falls (R) - Silver Dollar City
Flight of Fear - Kings Dominion
Flight of Fear - Kings Island
Joker's Jinx - Six Flags America
Italian Job: Stunt Track (FN) - Canada's Wonderland
Italian Job: Stunt Track (FN) * - Kings Dominion
Italian Job: Stunt Track (FN) - Kings Island
Maximum RPM! (FN) - Freestyle Music Park
Mister Freeze - Six Flags Over Texas
Mister Freeze - Six Flags St. Louis
Outer Limits: Flight of Fear (FN) - Kings Dominion
Outer Limits: Flight of Fear (FN) - Kings Island
Poltergeist - Six Flags Fiesta Texas
Revenge of the Mummy - Universal Studios Florida
Round About (FN) - Freestyle Music Park
Slippery When Wet (FN) - Freestyle Music Park
Sky Rocket* - Kennywood Park
Soak'd - Freestyle Music Park
Speed - The Ride - NASCAR Cafe
Princeton Machines (top)
This Princeton, Ontario company built one coaster -- this copy of German Wild Mouse coasters.
Wild Mouse - PNE Playland

Reverchon (top)
This company from Cedex, France has been building rides for many years, but only five years ago started building spinning "Wild Mouse" rides.  They purchased the assets of O.D. Hopkins in May of 2001.
Crazy Mouse* - DelGrossos Amusement Park
Crazy Mouse* (M) - Dinosaur Beach
Crazy Mouse* (R) - Motor World
Crazy Mouse - Steel Pier
Exterminator - Kennywood Park
Primeval Whirl - Disney's Animal Kingdom
Ragin' Cajun* - Six Flags Great America

Rogers, Joel A. (top)
Joel A. Rogers (1972-present) is known primarily for his roller coaster photography, but he has also done coaster design and construction.
Double Loop

Roller Coaster Corporation of America (top)
RCCA has worked with several famous coaster designers such as Werner Stengel and John Allen.
Rattler - Six Flags Fiesta Texas
Son of Beast - Kings Island

Rosser & Cobb (top)
Don Rosser and Bill Cobb teamed up to produce a few wooden coasters.
Rolling Thunder - Six Flags Great Adventure
Judge Roy Scream - Six Flags Over Texas

Hoei Sango Co., Ltd. (top)
Only made a couple coasters in Japan.
Birdmen (FN) - Fuji-Q Highlands
Hamu-Hamu Ouku  - Fuji-Q Highlands

Sansei Yusoki Co., Ltd. (top)
This company has made a few coasters in Japan.
Giant Coaster* (R) - Fuji-Q Highlands
Mad Mouse - Fuji-Q Highlands
Rock 'N Roll Duncan - Fuji-Q Highlands

Schiff, Ben (top)
Miami-based B. A. Schiff & Associates built over 50 Wild Mouse coasters before going out of business a few decades ago.  His kiddie coasters were nearly identical to Miler and Molina coasters.
Coaster (R) - Cliff's Amusement Park
Dinosaur Canyon - Deadwood
Kiddie Coaster (M) - Williams Grove
Little Leaper - Steel Pier
Rainbow Chaser - Fun Forest
Wild Mouse* (R) - Geauga Lake

Schwarzkopf (top)
Anton Schwarzkopf is a pioneer in steel looping coasters. He worked with Werner Stengel, Intamin, and Zierer. A large number of his coasters are located throughout the world. Anton passed away in 2001, but his son Wieland continues to operate out of Ziemetshausen, Germany.
Big Fury* (R) - Six Flags Great Adventure
Big Bend* (R) - Six Flags Over Texas
City Jet* (R) - Gillian's Wonderland Pier
Colossus (FN) - Dorney Park
Die Wildkatze* (M) - Busch Gardens Europe
Glissade* (M) - Busch Gardens Europe
Greased Lightnin' (M) - California's Great America
Greezed Lightnin' - Six Flags AstroWorld
Greezed Lightnin' - Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom
Italian Roller Coaster* (R) - Great Escape
Jet 400* (R) - Jolly Roger at the Pier
Jet Star* (R) - Casino Pier
Jet Scream* (M) - Six Flags St. Louis
Jet Star* (M) - Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
Jet Star* (M) - Knoebels
King Kobra* (M) - Jolly Roger Amusement Park
Laser - Dorney Park
Laser Loop* (M) - Kennywood
Looping Star* (R) - Jolly Roger Amusement Park
Looping Star - Nagashima Spaland
Mind Bender - Six Flags Over Georgia
Mindbender - Galaxyland Amusement Park
Montezooma's Revenge - Knott's Berry Farm
Mountain Express* (M) - Six Flags Magic Mountain
Nightmare at Crack Axel Canyon (SBNO) - Great Escape
Nightmare at Phantom Cave* (M) - Darien Lake
Rails* (M)- Valleyfair!
Revolution - Six Flags Magic Mountain
Schussboomer* (R) - Worlds of Fun
Scorpion - Busch Gardens Africa
Shockwave - Six Flags Over Texas
Shuttle Loop - Nagashima Spaland
Sooperdooperlooper - Hersheypark
Starchaser* (RL) - Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom
Taz's Texas Tornado (FN & R) - Six Flags AstroWorld
Texas Tornado (R) - Six Flags AstroWorld
Tidal Wave (FN & M) - California's Great America
Tidal Wave* (M) - Six Flags Great America
Tig'rr - Indiana Beach
Viper - Six Flags AstroWorld
Viper* (R) - Six Flags Over Georgia
Willard's Whizzer* (FN & R) - California's Great America
Willard's Whizzer (FN) - Six Flags Great America
Whizzer* (R) - California's Great America
Whizzer - Six Flags Great America
Wildcat - Cedar Point
Wildcat - Jolly Roger Amusement Park
Wildcat* (R) - Jolly Roger Amusement Park
Wildcat* (M) - Playland Park
Wildcat* (M) - Six Flags New England
Wildcat* (M) - Steel Pier
Wildcat (M) - Williams Grove
Zambezi Zinger* (M) - Worlds of Fun
Zonga* - Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

SDC Corp. (top)
The former SDC, an Italian company, created a Galaxi line of coasters.  Currently the company operates as S&MC.
Hurricane - Adventureland
Hurricane - Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
Galaxi - Cliff's Amusement Park
Galaxi - Indiana Beach
Galaxi - Riverview Park
Galaxi - Sylvan Beach Amusement Park
Super Screamer* (R) - Adventureland
Thunderbolt (M) - Celebration City
Windstorm - Fun Forest

Setpoint (top)
Setpoint made three small, suspended coasters.
Flying Super Saturator (R) - Carowinds
Pteranodon Flyers - Islands of Adventure
Roller Soaker - Hesheypark

Sevier, Delmas - Six Flags (top)
Viper - Six Flags Great America
S&MC GmbH Structures and Machines (top)
This German company makes the "Windstorm" coasters.  It was formed by former SDC employees after that company went out of business in 1993.
Firestorm (R) - Branson USA
High Roller (R) - Stratosphere Tower
Hurricane - Playland Park
Thunderbolt - Celebration City

S & S Power, Inc. (formerly S & S Sports) (top)
Known for its "Turbo Drop" and "Space Shot" towers, S&S has recently used its pneumatic launch technology to produce two roller coasters. Based in Logan, UT, they continue to push the thrill ride envelope.  In the summer of 2002, they announced the creation of a wooden coaster division.  They have only made four wood coasters to date.  In October 2002, they purchased the assets of bankrupt Arrow Dynamics.
Avalanche - Timber Falls Adventure Park
Dodonpa - Fuji-Q Highland
Eejanaika* - Fuji-Q Highland
Hypersonic XLC (R) - Kings Dominion
J2 (FN) - Clementon Amusement Park
Puma - Clementon Amusement Park
Tsunami (FN) - Clementon Amusement Park
Timberhawk: Ride of Prey - Wild Waves
Powder Keg - Silver Dollar City
Steel Hawg* - Indiana Beach

Stricker, Ralph (top)
He not only owns his own picnic park, he helped design the coasters!
Teddy Bear - Stricker's Grove
Tornado - Stricker's Grove

Taft & Kings Entertainment (top)
Taft Attractions Group worked with Kings Entertainment on this one ride.
Grizzly - Kings Dominion

TOGO (top)
This Tokyo, Japan company has made a number of coasters since 1953.
Fujiyama - Fuji-Q Highlands
Geopanic - Korakuen Amusement Park
Jet Coaster* (R) - Korakuen Amusement Park
Jet Coaster - Nagashima Spaland
Jammer (R) - Knott's Berry Farm
King Cobra (R) - Kings Island
Manhattan Express (FN) - New York New York Hotel and Casino
Shockwave - Kings Dominion
SkyRider - Canada's Wonderland
The Roller Coaster - New York New York Hotel and Casino
Ultra Twister* (R) - Korakuen Amusement Park
Ultra Twister - Nagashima Spaland
Ultra Twister (R) - Six Flags AstroWorld
Ultra Twister* (M) - Six Flags Great Adventure
Shockwave - Six Flags Great Adventure
Viper - Six Flags Great Adventure
Windjammer (FN & R) - Knott's Berry Farm
Zola 7 - Fuji-Q Highlands

Vekoma Rides Manufacturing B.V. (top)
This company from Vlodrop, The Netherlands was founded in 1926 by Hendrick op het Veld under the name "Veld Koning Machinefabreik."  Since the 1970s it has made many coasters and production model "clones".  In August 2001, they filed for bankruptcy protection due to overspending in research and development as well as difficulties opening three new Boomerang prototypes.  The company was purchased in September 2001 by Huisman-Itrec.

Aftershock* - Silverwood
Ant Farm Express - Wild Adventures
Barnstormer - Walt Disney World
Bat - Canada's Wonderland
Batwing - Six Flags America
Boomerang - Elitch Gardens
Boomerang - Knott's Berry Farm
Boomerang* (R) - Korakuen Amusement Park
Boomerang - La Ronde
Boomerang - Wild Adventures
Boomerang - Worlds of Fun
Boomerang Coast to Coaster - Darien Lake
Boomerang Coast to Coaster - Great Escape
Boomerang Coast to Coaster - Six Flags Fiesta Texas
Boomerang Coast to Coaster - Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
BORG Assimilator (FN) - Carowinds
Carolina Cobra - Carowinds
Corkscrew - PNE Playland
Deja Vu (M) - Six Flags Great America
Deja Vu - Six Flags Magic Mountain
Deja Vu (R) - Six Flags Over Georgia
Der Rollschuhcoaster - Six Flags Fiesta Texas
Dragon - LEGOLAND California
Eagles - Life in the Fast Lane (FN) - Freestyle Music Park
Expedition Everest - Disney's Animal Kingdom
Face/Off (FN) - Kings Island
Firehawk* - Kings Island
Flashback - Six Flags New England
Flashback - Six Flags Over Texas
Flight Deck - Canada's Wonderland

Flying ACE Aerial Chase - Carowinds
Flying ACE Aerial Chase - Kings Island
Gadget's Go Coaster - Disneyland
Gadget's Go Coaster - Tokyo Disneyland
Great Nor'Easter - Morey's Piers
Hang Ten (SBNO) - Freestyle Music Park
Hangman - Wild Adventures
Head Spin (SBNO) - Geauga Lake
Invertigo - California's Great America
Invertigo - Kings Island
Iron Horse (FN) - Freestyle Music Park
Joker's Revenge (M)- Six Flags Fiesta Texas
Kamikaze* (M) - Dinosaur Beach
Kong - Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Lethal Weapon - The Ride - Warner Bros. Movie World
Mayan Mindbender - Six Flags AstroWorld
Mind Eraser - Six Flags America
Mind Eraser - Darien Lake
Mind Eraser - Elitch Gardens
Mind Eraser - Six Flags New England
Mind Eraser (FN & M) - Geauga Lake
Nighthawk - Carowinds
Ninja - Six Flags Over Georgia
Ninja - Six Flags St. Louis
Okeechobee Rampage (SBNO) - Cypress Gardens
Pied Piper - Six Flags Fiesta Texas
Rock 'N' Roller Coaster - Disney's Hollywood Studios
Roller Skater - Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom
Road Runner Rollercoaster - Warner Bros. Movie World
Rugrats Runaway Reptar (FN) - Carowinds
Rugrats Runaway Reptar (FN) - Kings Island
Sea Serpent - Morey's Piers
Serial Thriller - Six Flags AstroWorld
Serial Thriller (FN & SBNO) - Geauga Lake
Shake, Rattle & Rollercoaster (FN) - Freestyle Music Park
Sidewinder - Hersheypark
Silver Streak - Canada's Wonderland
Spacely's Sprocket Rockets - Six Flags Great America
Stealth (M) - California's Great America
Super Manège - La Ronde
Swamp Thing (M) - Cypress Gardens
Swamp Thing - Wild Adventures
T2 - Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom
Tidal Wave - Trimper's Rides
Thunderhawk (M) - Geauga Lake
Thunderhawk* - Michigan's Adventure
Top Gun (FN) - Canada's Wonderland
Twister* (M) - Jolly Roger Amusement Park
Two Face: The Flip Side (SBNO) - Six Flags America
Vampire (M) - Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom
Whirlwind - Knoebels
Whirlwind* (M) - Playland Park
Wild Mouse - Idlewild Park
Woodstock's Express - Cedar Point
Woody Woodpecker's Nuthouse Coaster - Universal Studios Florida
X-Flight (M) - Geauga Lake
Zoomerang - Alabama Adventure
Zoomerang - Lake Compounce

Vettel, Andrew (top)
Son of coaster designer Erwin Vettel, Andrew modified John Miller's Pippin into the Thunderbolt.
Little Dipper* (R) - Kennywood Park
Thunderbolt - Kennywood Park

Vettel, Edward (top)
Erwin's brother Eddie designed a number of wood coaters.
Cyclone - Lakeside Amusement Park

WED (top)
The engineering division named after Walter Elias Disney makes many rides for Disney parks.
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - Disneyland
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - Tokyo Disneyland
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - Walt Disney World
Space Mountain - Tokyo Disneyland
Space Mountain - Walt Disney World

Wisdom Industries, Ltd. (top)
This Sterling, Colorado company builds a wide variety of rides.  They have also made about 50 small, portable coasters.  
Coaster (M) - Rockin' Raceway
Dragon - Blackbeard's Cave
Dragon - Bowcraft Amusement Park
Dragon Coaster - Las Vegas Gran Prix
Dragon Wagon (R) - Branson USA
Dragon Wagon - Galaxyland Amusement Park
Dragon Wagon - Old Town
Dragon Wagon - Riverview Park
Flying Dragon Coaster - Mile High Flea Market
Flying Dragon Coaster - Pixieland Amusement Park
Kiddie Coaster - Gillian's Wonderland Pier
Miner Mike - Adventuredome
Orient Express - Como Town
Orient Express* (M) - Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
Pirate's Hideway - Casino Pier
Screamin' Dragon - Como Town
Tiger Express - Oakland Zoo
Tiger Terror - Wild Adventures

Zamperla Amusement Ride Manufacturers (top)
With a factory in Vicenza, Italy, Antonio Zamperla's company mostly makes transportable coasters.
Crazy Mouse - Playland Park
Fiesta Express (M) - Cypress Gardens
Fiesta Express - Fun Fore All
Fiesta Express - Wild Adventures
Flying Coaster - Elitch Gardens
Doo Wopper - Morey's Piers
Family Flyer - Playland Park
Galaxi Spin (SBNO) - Cypress Gardens
Great Chase - Six Flags America
Howler - Holiday World
Klondike Gold Rusher - Wild Waves
Mini-Mouse - Fun Fore All
Opa* - Mt. Olympus
Pony Express - Knott's Berry Farm
Power Trip Coaster - Fun Spot USA
Road Runner Express - Great Escape
Road Runner Express - Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Super Flight* - Playland Park
Time Warp - Canada's Wonderland
Toboggan Nordique - La Ronde
Tomb Raider: The Ride (FN) - Canada's Wonderland
Wild Wonder* (M)  - Gillian's Wonderland Pier
Windstorm - Old Town
Woodstock's Express - Dorney Park

Zierer GmbH (top)
Well known for its Wave Swinger rides, this Offenberg, Germany company mostly makes "family" coasters.

Autosled - Galaxyland Amusement Park
Beaver Land Mine Ride (SBNO) - Geauga Lake
Blackbeard's Lost Treasure Train - Six Flags Great Adventure
Brain Teaser - Darien Lake
Catwoman's Whip - Six Flags New England
Children Coaster - Nagashima Spaland
Cobra - Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Crossbow - Bowcraft Amusement Park
Cobra - Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Flitzer* (R) - Adventureland
Flitzer* (R) - Jolly Roger at the Pier
Flitzer - Morey's Piers
Flitzer - Playland's Castaway Cove
Jaguar! - Knott's Berry Farm
Kombo - Indianapolis Zoo
Ladybug (FN) - Darien Lake
Ladybug Coaster - Adventureland
Live Oak Lady Bug - New Orleans City Park
Paul Bunyan Express (FN) - Adventureland
Poison Ivy's Twisted Train (FN) - Six Flags New England
Racing* (R) - Jolly Roger Amusement Park
Ripsaw - Camp Snoopy
Road Runner Express (FN &SBNO) - Geauga Lake
Shamu Express - SeaWorld Orlando
Shamu Express* - SeaWorld San Antonio

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M = Moved to another park        R = Removed from park
* = Information only, no pictures

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