It may be scary to be suspended this high up, but the over-the-shoulder restraints are very safe on this ride.  Each time a click is heard when lowering the restraint, two ratchets are locked into a toothed wheel.  Only after the restraint has been pulled down and three clicks have been heard, a signal is sent to the computer system saying that the seat is locked.  This ensures that the restraint is held closed by at least six ratchets.  If the harness is pulled down and between four and eight clicks are heard and felt, eight ratchets are keeping the safety harness in place.  The seat belt connecting the seat to the harness is not needed to keep the harness down, but it is used as a measuring device.  If the belt can be locked into the buckle, it verifies that the harness has reached the third locking position.

Over-the-shoulder safety harnesses on an inverted coaster

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