Apollo's Chariot

Apollo's Chariot is all about air-time.  The drops make it seem like you are floating out of the seat for a major portion of the ride.  There is a short pause from the parabolic arcs when trains pass the mid-course block brake.  Those brakes are situated right after the trains reverse direction and start returning to the station.  They provide a location to stop a train if the preceding train hasn't cleared the course.  The brakes also operate as trim brakes and usually slow trains slightly as they pass by.

I love this ride!  I am not alone in my opinion.  The Golden Ticket Awards ranked Apollo's Chariot in their list of Top Ten Steel Roller Coasters for seventeen years in a row!  From 2000 to 2016, it was in the single digits in the ranking, and for 11 of those years, it was ranked as the fourth or fifth best coaster.  In 2017, it slipped to 11th position, but that is still an extremely high ranking for a ride that is entering its third decade of operation.

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