Skull Mountain

The building housing this coaster is a rather plain metal building, but the front is nicely decorated with these fake rocks.  The other sides of the building have some fake rocks and the remainder is painted to look like blue sky and rocks.  The streams of water emanating from the skull usually operate only on hot days.  I think the building looks pretty nice despite the obnoxious banner ad for chips.

Trains are pulled up from the station by electrically-operated tires mounted in the track.  After climbing up a very short lift hill, trains encounter a section of flat track that sits behind these rectangular openings in the rock.  This flat track also has motorized tires to propel the trains forward.  After passing these openings, trains enter the main section of the building and are pulled up a taller lift hill.  Once they leave the second lift, trains are finally sped forward and downward by gravity.

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