I think it is finally time to spoil the big surprises that happen in the show building.  Much of the trains' journey through the building occurs in darkness, but a variety of trees and massive leaves can be seen as the track makes several tight circles indoors.  Ultra Violet paint and UV lights cause the decorations to glow at various times.  Three different storylines occur in the Black Forest, so there is a very good chance that riders will experience unique special effects if they ride multiple times.  One storyline is referred to as the Spirit of the Forest.  It features a lady who sings peacefully as the train enters the forest, but her voice later turns very menacing.  There is a quick glimpse of a woman's face in the trees if you look carefully during this story.  The second possible outcome is the Lightning Storm where the train is pummelled by thunder and lightning effects.  The third possibility is the Big Bad Wolf story.  It features the howl of wolves and several sets of glowing red eyes that surround the train.

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