TRON Lightcycle Run

TRON will have the impressive capability to operate with seven trains at once!  Each of the trains will have room for 14 riders.  This is accomplished by designing several different features that allow so many vehicles on the ride simultaneously.  There are two parallel tracks that pass through the station.  Each one has room to park two trains, so four different trains can be loading and unloading passengers at once.  Also, one train can be sitting on the launch track and can be stopped in the launching area as long as needed.  After the launch, trains pass through the outdoor area briefly before returning to the inside of the building.  While indoors, there are three block brakes that provide stopping areas if trains are too close to each other.  And at the end of the ride, there are long sets of brakes that also provide more locations where trains can be parked before entering the station.  These features create at least ten "blocks" on the coaster.  Automated brakes will stop a train if the "block" ahead of it is occupied by another train.

TRON Lightcycle Run under construction

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