California's Great America
Santa Clara, California

Located just 45 miles from San Francisco, Marriott's Great America opened in 1976.  (Marriott also opened a Great America in Gurnee, Illinois the same year.)  The City of Santa Clara Redevelopment Agency purchased Great America from the Marriott Corporation in 1985.  Kings Entertainment Company (KECO) was recruited to manage the park.  The resulting five-year contract included an option for KECO to buy the park business and assets, which they did while the city of Santa Clara retained ownership of the land.  A year later, the 10,000-seat Redwood Amphitheater opened.  In 1992, Great America, along with three other U.S. parks owned by KECO, was acquired by Paramount Communications.  The park was renamed Paramount's Great America shortly thereafter.  In 2006, Cedar Fair purchased all five Paramount parks for a little over $1.2 billion.  Great America's name changed to California's Great America for the 2008 season.  In 2011, Cedar Fair announced they were selling the park, and the land was going to be used for a new football stadium, but a few months later, the deal was off.  Cedar Fair purchased the park's land in 2019, but sold it to Prologis in 2022 for $310 million.  The fate of the park is somewhat uncertain at this point.  Cedar Fair has agreed to keep the park open until 2028, but may be able to extend the park's operations out to 2033.  On the other hand, Prologis can terminate Cedar Fair's lease with only a two-year notice.  The land is zoned for "theme park use" at the moment, so it is unclear what the future of this property will be.

In addition to renaming several of their coasters as the park has changed hands, the park has also removed five roller coasters over the years:

Demon (formerly Turn of the Century)
Corkscrew loops on the Demon roller coaster    Demon roller coaster pictures Demon (formerly Turn of the Century)  Arrow Dynamics  Roller coaster loops  Demon (formerly Turn of the Century)

Greased Lightnin' (formerly Tidal Wave)
Greezed Lightnin'  Tidal Wave

Woodstock's Express
(formerly Runaway Reptar, Blue Streak, and Green Sime Mine Car)
  Runaway Reptar  Green Sime Mine Car  Blue Streak roller coaster  Woodstock's Express  Woodstock's Express roller coaster  Camp Snoopy pictures  ictures of Great America in California  Amusement Park  Theme Park photography  roller coaster safety

  Grizzly Grizzly roller coaster  Wooden roller coaster  Morgan Manufacturing  Trains by Morgan  Paramount's Great America  Roller coaster pictures for sale  Stock photography of roller coasters  Roller Coaster Tycoon  No Limits 

Inverted roller coaster  Inverted by Vekoma

Stealth  Stealth roller coaster  Flying coaster  Flying Dutchman  Vekoma flying roller coaster

Lucy's Crabbie Cabbies (formerly Taxi Jam)
Taxi Jam  EF Miler  Miler coaster company  Taxi Jam kiddie coaster  Halloween pictures  Pictures of California's Great America  Taxi Jam roller coaster going down

Flight Deck (formerly Top Gun)
Click to enlarge Top Gun picture Click to enlarge Flight Deck picture Top Gun Flight Deck pictures Flight Deck zero-g roll Flight Deck zero-g roll Flight Deck zero-g roll F-14 Tomcat Flight Deck zero-g roll Flight Deck zero-g roll Flight Deck zero-g roll Flight Deck zero-g roll Aircraft and fighter aircraft Flight Deck zero-g roll

Patriot (formerly Vortex)

Psycho Mouse
Psycho Mouse  Pictures of Psycho Mouse  Psycho Mouse pictures  Psycho Mouse roller coaster  Psycho Mouse  Psycho Mouse  Psycho Mouse  Psycho Mouse  Psycho Mouse  Psycho Mouse

Gold Striker
Gold Striker Gold Striker roller coaster Wooden roller coaster called Gold Striker Paramount's Great America pictures California's Great America California's Great America pics California's Great America news Gold Striker woodie Gold Striker Observation Tower Gold Striker Sound Proofing Gold Striker Gold Striker Sound proofing a roller coaster Gold Striker Gold Striker San Jose pictures Santa Clara, California San Francisco, CA San Francisco pictures Gold Striker Gold Striker Gold Striker Newest roller coaster

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