Flying Super Saturator
Occasionally, a giant burst of water erupted from the pools below.  I think that the idea of a suspended coaster with water elements was a good idea.  On a hot day, this was a very cool, interactive ride that was fun for both riders and spectators.  But since both of Setpoint's suspended family water coasters were taken down fairly quickly, they must not have been very successful.  I think that there were a couple of potential problems that doomed this type of roller coaster.  The largest problem was this type of ride's hourly capacity.  With just four passengers per car, and the capability to run just two cars on the course at one time, Flying Super Saturator could only handle a theoretical maximum of 600 riders per hour.  On most days, this ride would see only 400 to 500 riders in an hour, whereas some of the park's other coasters could handle four or five times as many riders.  There might have been other factors that doomed these rides.  Was it the fact that the coasters didn't really travel quickly or were not really exciting?  Were there problems with operating a ride in such a wet environment?  I am sure that rust and waterproofing the electrical systems would have been a concern.

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