The plot of the new Incredicoaster focuses on Jack-Jack, the family's youngest son.  As trains leave the station, Edna Mode is watching Jack-Jack, but he soon teleports away.  As trains pass this area seen in the picture, Dash is heard counting down, and it sounds like he is running as the train is launched.  The tunnels used to be empty, but with the new theme, the tunnels now have special effects inside of them.  The first shows Jack-Jack shooting lasers out of his eyes, and the second tunnel shows Elastigirl stretching out to capture her son.  The end of the second tube shows a figure of Mr. Incredible bursting into the tunnel and trying to lure Jack-Jack with a cookie.  After the loop, trains enter the third tunnel which is now almost completely filled with LED lights.  The tunnel lights start red and orange as if Jack-Jack were using his fire powers, but they quickly change to dark colors as Violet casts her forcefield around the train.  As the train nears the end of the ride, it passes multiple copies of Jack-Jack as if he has used his powers to multiply many times.  And finally, as trains approach the station, they pass Edna who has calmed down Jack-Jack with a cookie, but the tiny child has greatly grown in size and now fills a good portion of the room Edna is standing in.  Throughout the entire ride, the movie soundtrack written by Michael Giacchino plays on the trains' sound system.

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