This train is starting its launch.  The LIMs accelerate the train from a standstill up to 55 miles per hour in about four seconds.  The LIMs are mounted in the centerline of the track and interact with metal fins located under the middle of each car.  The metal fins extending down from the edges of the cars are used for the friction brakes.  One brake fixture can be seen straddling the metal fins on the third and fourth cars.  This brake is obviously not used during launches, but it closes and helps stop the train if it doesn't crest the first hill and falls back toward this location.

The LIMs have the capability to launch a train every 36 seconds.  In order to dissipate the heat generated by the electrically-powered launch, water is sprayed on the LIMs after every launch.  You can see the cloud of mist above two sets of LIMs behind the train.  Once this train passes, more water will be used on the rest of the LIMs seen in this picture.  Because this launch track is located over Paradise Bay, the water simply drips from the coaster into the lake, making the lake a massive heat sink to help dissipate the coaster's heat load.

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