Block brakes provide a place to stop a train on the course.  The Incredicoaster has nine different sets of brakes with a couple on the course, several leading up to the station, and a couple in the loading/unloading area.  These different sets of brakes allow the ride to use several trains at once.  It is common to have two trains in the station and two trains running through the course all at one time.  When I took this picture, one train was stopped on the mid-course block brakes.  Stopping on a block brake is fairly common, but the passenger evacuation seen in this picture does not happen very often.   On this day, Cast Members (Disney's term for employees) walked up to the train, released passengers' restraints, and removed them from the train.   As you can see in this image, guests simply walked down the stairs.  I never heard what happened the day I took this picture, but the ride reopened to the public just a few hours later, so it was obviously not a major problem.

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