Time Warp

This flying coaster has a really strange restraint system.  A cage is lowered on to each rider's back before the train leaves the station.  There are some rungs where people can rest their feet, but as you can see in this picture, shorter riders won't be able to even reach the rungs.  I am tall, so I put my feet on one of the lower rungs, but I ended up bumping my shins on the higher metal bars and the hard plastic above them.

To make these strange cars even worse, they never stop while in the station.  The cars are almost vertical as they pass through the loading and unloading area, and they continuously move slowly down the track, so riders have to step in and out of a moving vehicle.  At best, it is awkward to get in and out of these weird cars while they move through the station.  After the riders are on-board, and the restraint cages are lowered into position, the cars pass over a ramp which raises them up to a horizontal position. Home Canada's Wonderland Index        Previous Next

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