Time Warp

Here are the details of the ten "Volare" flying roller coasters built by Zamperla:

  1. Flying Coaster (2002-2007) at Elitch Gardens -- Was Standing But Not Operating for several years before moving and becoming
    Soarin' Eagle (2011-present) at Luna Park
  2. Flying Coaster (2004-2013) at Genting SkyWorlds in Malaysia -- Is currently being moved and is known as
    Super Glider (under construction) at Skytropolis Funland in Malaysia - Was scheduled to open in 2020, but has yet to debut
  3. Volare (2004-present) at Wiener Prater in Austria -- All other Volare coasters are identical, but this was slightly modified to fit in the park
  4. Time Warp - formerly Tomb Raider: The Ride (2004-present) at Canada's Wonderland -- Seen here
  5. Super Flight (2004-present) at Playland Park
  6. Trombi (2005-present) at Särkänniemi Amusement Park
  7. Inertia Airplane Car (2010-present) at Kaeson Youth Park in North Korea
  8. Speed Roller Coaster (2012-present) at Yancheng Chun-iu Land in China
  9. Hero (2013-present) at Flamingo Land in England
  10. Volare Hiz Kizagi (2019) at Wonderland Eurasia in Turkey -- Coaster and park have been Standing But Not Operating since 2020

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