Ghoster Coaster

Ghoster Coaster was awarded the ACE Coaster Classic Award by the American Coaster Enthusiasts because its traditional design allowed riders to experience a classic wooden roller coaster ride.  In order to be eligible for this distinction, coasters must have a traditional lap bar so riders can experience airtime, so coasters with individual and/or ratcheting lap bars are not eligible.  The Classics must allow riders to slide from side to side, so trains with seatbelts or seat dividers do not meet this requirement.  The award also recognizes the need to see well, therefore trains with headrests that restrict riders' views are also not eligible.  At the present time, about 30 coasters have the title of ACE Coaster Classic status.

Sadly, a dozen coasters have had their ACE Coaster Classic status rescinded due to subsequent changes to their trains, and Ghoster Coaster is one of them.  On the outside of each row, you can see black boxes that were added to the trains.  Each box contains a spool of seatbelt material.  The addition of seatbelts to the trains made the coaster no longer eligible to hold its Classic status.

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