This panorama of Leviathan shows nearly the entire coaster.  The first drop is on the right and the hammerhead turnaround is on the left.  Most of the ride is constructed on a narrow piece of land between the park and the parking lot.  It is impressive that the designers found a way to place a roller coaster that is over a mile long in a location that didn't require the removal of any buildings or rides.

Notice that there is no mid-course block brake anywhere on this coaster.  Besides the brake run leading into the station, there is no way to stop a train once it starts going down the first drop.  This may seem a little strange for such a long coaster, but it is not too much of a problem.  Because of the lengthy lift hill, it takes trains quite a while to climb up the first hill.  By the time a train reaches the end of the chain lift, enough time has elapsed to allow the preceding train to transit the entire length of the track.

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