The structure in the middle of this image has room for storing Leviathan's three trains, but only one was in the storage shed when I took this picture.  The shed provides a location to perform maintenance on the trains.  Also visible is a bunch of white water bottles that are used as ballast when testing trains without passengers.  Above the shed, way in the distance, one train is visible on the ride's second hill, an overbanked right turn that is an impressive 50 meters (164 feet) tall.

Leviathan dwarfs the nearby Dragon Fire, whose lift hill on the right looks tiny compared this new giga coaster.  Its lift is just 24 meters (75 feet) tall, so it is about a quarter of Leviathan's height.  I think that Leviathan's final brake run, the straight track descending into the station on the right, is just about as tall as Dragon Fire's first hill!

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