Silver Streak

Over 60 motorized tires are used on the Booster Wheel Lift Hill that hoists the train up the start of the ride.

You can see the warning sign beside the lift hill that advises riders not to extend their legs toward the row ahead.  The same warning sign is also posted on the back of each and every seat.  Because the seats are firmly mounted below the track, the distance separating the rows varies as the track bends and changes direction.  There is a small risk of injury if riders put their feet on the row in front.  As the train pitches down at the top of a hill, the distance between the seats noticeably decreases.  This effect happens on all inverted coasters, but larger rides have enough space between the cars so riders can't reach from one row to another.  But on this small ride, the clearance between rows is much smaller, and taller riders can kick the back of the seats in front of them!

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